Messenger Hymns

For almost seven years now it’s been a great privilege to call Matt Boswell a friend and partner in the gospel. We served on staff together at Providence Church before we planted IDC in 2013.

I’d say about seventy percent of the songs we sing at IDC are hymns of old. The remaining thirty percent include many songs Bos has written for the church. It’s thus a wonderful day when we can celebrate a new Boswell release. Just this week Bos gave Christ’s church another rich EP entitled Messenger Hymns Vol. 2.

“God Omniscient, God All Knowing” has long been a personal favorite and is a quintessential “call to worship” song. “Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery,” “O Church of Christ, Invincible,” and “God the Spirit” are some of our congregation’s favorites.

You can stream the seven songs below and then go buy the album on iTunes.