Pleading, Leading, and Haunting

prayer_std_tSometimes you come across a quote from a book, and you stop reading the book. The thought is so weighty. The perspective is deep. One should not come hastily out of the heavy depths of truth.

Megan Hill’s marvelous Praying Together: The Priority and Privilege of Prayer in Our Homes, Communities, and Churches finished with a chapter on “Praying with Families and Guests.” Tucked away in her words about praying with one’s children arrives this missile from Terry Johnson:

Our children should grow up with the voices of their fathers pleading for their souls in prayer ringing in their ears, leading to their salvation, or else haunting them for the rest of their lives.

As a father of five young children, I long for such a voice to ring long and loud in the souls of my kids. May He make it so.